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SharePoint 2010 All Databases are moved from one Storage(i.e., A) to another storage(i.e., B).

Note: Already SharePoint working with storage A properly. Due to storage A expiration , we plan to move New Storage B

Note: 2 App Server,2 wfe and 1 Sql CULSTER(node 1 and node 2)

here my query is, during mapping the Storage B(mean bring online storage B database)any impact in SharePoint Central admin and Portal functionalities(search,web part,UI and Datas).

Please list out all possible impacts during storage B mapping ?

Thanks, P.Mohan

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Moving the database files in the cluster is purely a SQL Server issue. SharePoint has no knowledge and don't care where the database files are stored. It only knows and cares about being able to connect to a SQL server using the name/alias it knows and find the databases with the names it knows. Where the two SQL servers stores the files is something only they know and care about.

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It's pretty simple - if SQL is unavailable during the move, then the SharePoint farm will be unavailable. I suggest working with your DBA team to minimise any downtime.

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