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I have

list1 columna columnb

list2 columnc columnd

list3 columne columnf

i want to create a search code that will search ONLY on those lists and ONLY on some columns of the lists. It will be an application page or webpart page.

any suggestion?

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You can follow below steps:

1) Create a new scope and include all the 3 lists by adding rules : Folder = http://siteurl/lists/list1,Folder = http://siteurl/lists/list2,Folder = http://siteurl/lists/list3

2) Do a full crawl

3) Create Managed properties for the columns you want to search.Crawl Again.

4) Now, if you want to search in columnb ( for which you created 'ColumnB' as Managed Property), Go to the search center and enter below keyword query :

ColumnB:"MyKeywordtoSearch" Scope:"YourScopeName" 
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For more information on Keyword query,Check this out : – Amit Kumawat Mar 28 '12 at 9:26

My suggestion would be to create one Managed property mapping all the crawled properties columna-columnf.
The your Keyword search would be:

site:urlOfList1 site:urlOfList2 site:urlOfList3 managedProp:searchterm

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