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Is there an Office365 plan that allows me to upload a Microsoft Access database into Access Services? I cannot see that any of the plans support this, but I'd be surprised there truly is not a way.

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Yes it is. See the Office 365 page on Access Services and this MSDN Lab. I am pretty sure they are available in the E3 and E4 plans. A quote from the Office 365 Page:

Do you have valuable data that is stored in an old, unsupported database, where it’s hard to query or maintain? By moving your data to Microsoft Access 2010, and then publishing the database to Access Services on Office 365, you can make your data accessible to all of your colleagues wherever they are. Perhaps more importantly, your database will be better able to grow as your needs change.

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You can also view this TechNet article which covers the plans as well.… – Robert Kaucher Mar 26 '12 at 18:49
Many thanks. I looked and looked, then googled and binged, but couldn't find this information. – Kevin Mar 27 '12 at 11:24

Access Services is supported in E3 and E4 - as well as the P1 plan. In other words, yes.

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I do not believe it is available yet, however I believe I saw it on a roadmap in some presentation somewhere. They are working on moving all of the same features into the online version and have made a lot of great improvements since it was released. I would expect it would happen this year. If I could log into my 365 account from my current location I could confirm that it does not work right now. Ill give it a shot this evening and let you know. I am using the E3 Plan.

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