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I am trying to use GetDataTable on an SPListItemCollection. I have run into a situation where my SPFieldLookupValueCollections in this list are being converted to a string when they are stored in the DataTable.

Is it possible for me to store these values as SPFieldLookupValueCollections objects instead of strings?

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Yeah I asked a similar question a while ago. TL;DR Write your own GetDataTable method (which is what you found out also it seems). – Kit Menke Mar 26 '12 at 19:58

Apparently this is a known issue. I ended up using the following method that I found here, to resolve the issue:

    DataTable CreateDataTableFromListItemCollection(SPListItemCollection itemCollection)
        DataTable tbl = new DataTable();
        if (itemCollection.Count > 0)
            tbl.TableName = itemCollection[0].ParentList.Title;

        if (itemCollection.Count > 0)
            // Take the first item and generate all columns
            //tbl.TableName = itemCollection[0].Title;
            foreach (SPField curField in itemCollection.Fields)
                DataColumn col = new DataColumn(curField.InternalName);
            foreach (SPListItem item in itemCollection)
                DataRow row = tbl.NewRow();
                foreach (SPField field in itemCollection.Fields)
                        row[field.InternalName] = item[field.InternalName];
                    catch { continue; } // Gah...
        return tbl;

Hope this helps someone!

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