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My development environment is SharePoint 2010. I want to access my sharepoint sites with some useful names instead of http://my_machine_name/sitepages/home.aspx/ I want it to be like http://sharepoint2010/sitepages/home.aspx.

For this I created a new application and its not on port 80. I have some restrictions for port 80. I will be thankful to you guys if you could help me on next steps to achieve the desired.

Regards Vivek B

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If you want to set different port to your application, first go to IIS -> your site -> bindings -> add binding for new port.


Go to Central Administration -> Application management -> Configure alternate access mappings -> Add Internal URLs -> here set your alternative name.

Also, remember to configure your DNS service or hosts file, so browser is redirected to your site with another name.

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Useful names usually involve using port 80 for your sites. I would suggest you extend your new web application to an IIS site on port 80 using a host header. A nice overview can be found here. When working with host headers, multiple web sites can use port 80. What are your problems in using this?

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Unfortunately the link provided does not include the IIS configuration for the mapping. It also assumes you have a reverse proxy (ISA Server). Not much help. – user7806 Apr 10 '12 at 21:37

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