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In my SharePoint Foundation site, I have a page with Text Layout set to "One column with sidebar". The left-hand column has a list web part, as does the right-hand column. However, the web part in the right-hand column is aligned to the top of the column, and the left-hand column has a space above the web part. I edit the HTML Source, and there is nothing above the div tag. How do I get rid of the space?

UPDATE: I found a solution when I upgraded to SharePoint 2013. It is listed below.

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Out of the box both columns allow the Webpart to go to the top. It's very easy to get a web part in the left wrapped in a <h1>, but if you make sure to edit the HTML source of both columns so that they start with the <div class="ms-rtestate-read ms-rte-wpbox" contenteditable="false"> then they should align unless you have something in your theme/masterpage that offsets them.

If you look at the two columns in IE developer tools then the content of the divs with class ms-rte-layoutszone-inner should start the same way.

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The HTML is identical. – CigarDoug Mar 25 '12 at 20:49

I had a similar issue a couple weeks ago and had to add some css to my page to fix it. It seems that different ms-rtestate classes are applied to different Web Parts and end up with slight differences in the layout.

I doubt that my specific fix will work in your case, but here it is as a reference:

ms-rtestate-field table {
    border-collapse: separate!important;
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Once I upgraded to SharePoint 2013, I saw the same issue occuring with a SINGLE Web Part Zone. My solution should probably work with SharePont 2010 as well. To reproduce the problem in SharePoint 2013:

  • Create a page.
  • Add a list to the page.
  • Edit the web part and change the view.
  • The list is displayed, but there is a small amount of space above the list.

To correct the problem:

  • Click the "Format Text" tab.
  • Click "Edit Source" from the ribbon.
  • Select all HTML and copy to the clipboard. NOTE: There is a line return before the first tag. Even if you remove it, it won't remove the space.
  • Open SharePoint Designer (I haven't tried this with other editors, but it works within SharePoint Designer).
  • Open a scratch (blank) .html page in SharePoint Designer.
  • Paste from the clipboard. Notice the space is gone.
  • Highlight the contents and copy to clipboard.
  • Select the browser again and highlight the Edit Source text.
  • Paste back on top of the highlighted text and click OK.
  • Your list is now at the top of the page.
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I found I could use Notepad instead of Designer. Not sure why the copying/paste into Notepad and then copy/paste into Edit Source fixes the problem, but it worked for me. – Peter Jacoby Jan 13 at 14:01
Because there are hidden characters in the Edit Source editor. That is the only explanation. Copying to Notepad ensures only the visible characters are copied to and from. – CigarDoug Jan 13 at 14:13

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