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How to move an item from custom list root location to sub folder programmatically (in Event Receiver (ItemAdded))?

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You can identify a custom list's root folder using SPList.Rootfolder property and corresponding subfolders could be accessed using SPList.Rootfolder.SubFolders[index].

While adding the list item, make sure that it is added to the correct folder path.

SPListItem listitem = list.Items.Add(folder.ServerRelativeURL,SpFileSystemObjectType.File)

Sample code might look like this.

     using (SPWeb web = properties.OpenWeb())
           SPList list = web.Lists["Test"];

           if (properties.List.Title == list.Title)
               foreach (SPFolder folder in properties.List.RootFolder.SubFolders)
                   if (folder.Name == "Specific Folder Name")
                       SPListItem listItem = list.Items.Add(folder.ServerRelativeUrl, SPFileSystemObjectType.File);
                       listItem["FieldName"] = properties.ListItem["FieldName"];

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This solution allow you to move to any folder in same or different list

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