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Is it possible to store some 1000+ users in a SharePoint 'person' column.

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A multivalue "person" column is a multivalue lookup field which should support unlimited number of selections. How rendering will work with 1000+ users is then a completely other issue and the time it'll take to validate the 1000+ users on edit will also be a issue

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Microsoft only mentions in the software boundaries and limits specification for SharePoint that this column can be added 96 times to a SharePoint List or Library (SP2013 and SP2010).This is the only restriction that's available from Microsoft about this column:

Otherwise you would need to test it on your own to determine the maximum number (if there is), and I don't think you would reach that number if it exists in real world scenarios, because if you were to add a large number of users to this column, it would be a better idea to add these users to a group and add this group in this column.

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Do you mean store as in available for selection? Yes, you can store around 2000 in a group and limit the people selection to that group.

If you mean select 1000 people to put into that column, I don't know. It would be easier to select the whole group from a visual point of view whether it's possible or not

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