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I have an external application which displays all sub-sites and document libraries where the user has write permissions. At the moment I am using "GetRolesAndPermissionsForCurrentUser" to get permissions for each sub-site and "GetListItemChangesSinceToken" to get permissions for each library.

But this is a very time taking process as, if there are 100 sub-sites I need to make a web-service call for each sub-site .i.e., 100 calls. Is there any way to get all the sub-sites and document libraries where the user has Write permission? Or at least any way that I can piggyback all the web-service requests for all the sub-sites in one call.

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EDIT Just realised you are performing this task using Web services. Back to the drawing board (I don't have access to delete the post)!

I'm not really a developer but this is a fairly common scenario and it sparked my interest. I imagine there is a better way of doing it but this may work:

You could construct a CAML query using the SPSiteDataQuery class to retrieve all lists in the site collection.

To view permissions you could specify the "IncludeAllUserPermissions" property in a where clause that defines the SPSiteDataQuery.Query property.

SPSiteDataQuery returns a DataTable object that should contain the lists and permissions assuming the above is correct.

If I get a chance I may give this a try on a test VM, but let me know how you get on.

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