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I am having a strange problem. I am porting an web application to sharepoint (as a web part) and I've converted most of it to a webpart that loads an .ascx user control. However I have some pop-up windows that I've left as .aspx pages.

This works fine under MOSS 2007 on Windows 2003 server, however, when I install the same package on Win 2008 64 bit, MOSS 2007, the web part works fine, however the popup .aspx page does not.

In Page_Load I am looking for something stored in the Session object and here it is mysteriously null. In the webpart it is ok.

Any ideas?

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Whats the URL to the pages / where are they stored?

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Anders has a good point. Are your pages running in the SP context i.e. in the _layouts folder? Or are they hosted by a dedicated IIS site? If the latter is true, then that's the problem.

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they are running in the _layouts folder of SP (installed with WSP together with the web part. I've ended up reworking the solution so that it doesn't use session at all, it was the easiest. – Anonymous Jun 14 '10 at 9:40

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