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I have farm solution Visual web part, with the following write and read cookies methods

void writeCookie(Guid thisVoteGuid, string pollID)
    HttpCookie pollCookies = new HttpCookie(COOKIE_NAME);
    pollCookies.Value = thisVoteGuid.ToString() + ";" + pollID;
    pollCookies.Expires = DateTime.Now.AddDays(30);

string readCookie()
    //Get Cookie value
    HttpCookie theCookie = Request.Cookies[COOKIE_NAME];
    if (theCookie != null)
       return theCookie.Value;
     return string.Empty;

The read function fails to get the cookie (of-course, since the write method didnt store the cookie at all!), I checked Temporary Internet Files to confirm that no cookie stored

How to read/write cookies in visual webPart-Farm solution?

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The code you use looks ok... Does your browser allow you to save cookies? (Since cookies are stored client-side) If you need to be sure that every user uses this, you'll need a server-side solution like viewstate, session, database,... since not every user allows cookies!

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After two-three tries it worked, I don't know why, but what Im sure about that I didnt change any of the IE options!, anyway I'll accept your post as an answer, Thank you. – Rami.Shareef Mar 25 '12 at 6:59

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