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Is it possible to add list items to a list by using powershell commands.

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Yes - I'm not aware of a commandlet but it is easy to do using the Powershell commands agaist the object model. See PowerShell-SharePoint: Add a list item as an example (cross posted below for completeness). Just be aware that the site object still needs to be properly disposed as mentioned on the SharePoint Team Blog.


$site    =     new-object Microsoft.SharePoint.SPSite("")                                                        
$web     =    $site.rootweb                                                                                                

$list    =    $web.Lists["Announcements"]                                                                              

$newitem=    $list.items.Add()                                                                                                  

$newitem["Title"]=    "New CFO Appointed";                                                                                          
$newitem["Body"]=    "Our new CFO is Harry Varden, money still not recovered from previous appointee, legal action is ongoing";                                                                                          
$newitem["Expires"]=     [DateTime]::Now.AddDays(5)


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