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I'm trying to edit an InfoPath form for an external list from SharePoint Designer. After clicking on the "Design Forms in InfoPath" button I get the following error: "Object 'blablabla.rem' has been disconnected or does not exist at the server."

Error message screenshot

I have to customize the edit form for 12 external lists and I have this message for 10 of them. I tried deleting and creating them again to no avail. I can view and edit the data of all of them through the standard view/edit forms in SP.

What have I done wrong ? What can I do about it ?

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I resolved this issue by myself. Actually it was related to my other issue which required that I use a farm admin credential to start SharePoint Designer and InfoPath to be able to create my forms. It seems that SPD and IP were started too long ago so I only had to restart them to make the error disappear.

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Similar problem after deleting the forms and trying to start over. Simply restarting SPD cleared the error and let me recreate the forms. Thank you!

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