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I am creating a custom SharePoint Calendar to pull from multiple SharePoint Calendar Lists.

In the markup I have the following:

<SharePoint:SPCalendarView ID="EventsCalendar2" width="100%" runat="server"></SharePoint:SPCalendarView>

I bind it like this in page load after getting the site and list myItems is a SPListItemCollection:

EventsCalendar2.DataSource = MakeSchedule(myItems);

The MakeSchedule(myItems) is the following:

private SPCalendarItemCollection MakeSchedule(SPListItemCollection myItems)
            SPCalendarItemCollection items = new SPCalendarItemCollection(); 

            for (int i = 0; i < myItems.Count; i++)
                SPListItem item = myItems[i];

                DateTime StartTime = Convert.ToDateTime(item["EventDate"]);
                DateTime EndTime = Convert.ToDateTime(item["EndDate"]);

                string Description = "";
                if (item["Description"] != null)
                    Description = item["Description"].ToString();

                string Location = "";
                if (item["Location"] != null)
                    Location = item["Location"].ToString(); 

                bool Recurrance = false;
                if (item["fRecurrence"] != null)
                    Recurrance = (bool)item["fRecurrence"];

                bool AllDayEvent = false;
                if (item["fAllDayEvent"] != null)
                    AllDayEvent = (bool)item["fAllDayEvent"];

                    new SPCalendarItem()
                        ItemID = item["ID"].ToString(),
                        StartDate = StartTime,
                        EndDate = EndTime,
                        hasEndDate = true,
                        Title = item["Title"].ToString(),
                        Location = Location,
                        Description = Description,
                        IsAllDayEvent = AllDayEvent,
                        IsRecurrence = Recurrance,
                        CalendarType = (int)SPCalendarType.Gregorian


            return items; 

NOW I can't figure out why the events are being displayed in all of the months when they should only be displayed in the months specified by StartDate & EndDate. Any ideas on what I am doing wrong??

Could it be that the SPCalendarView control cannot be used in a VisualWebPart?

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for starters, you are calculating start and end dates differently

  DateTime StartTime = Convert.ToDateTime(item["EventDate"]);
  DateTime EndTime   = Convert.ToDateTime(item["EndDate"]  ).Date;

You should also use Convert.ToBoolean() rather than casting it as x = (bool) object. I've seen the latter fail in strange ways and if that happens to be the case here, then you could be ending up with Recurrance being true when it shouldn't be.

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sorry I should have cleared my code before i pasted it here. What you have indicated is what I started off with I added .Date extension to both StartTime and EndTime and forgot to delete .date when I pasted the code here and I also had Convert.ToBoolean() initially and saw examples that use (bool) so I thought I'd try it that way.. but the problem persists through all of those scenarios lol I initially thought it was which cast type i used and date part i used too!! – MyName Mar 15 '12 at 18:13
When you click on subsequent months in the calendar, does the first of the month change as it should or is it simply showing the same calendar after each click? – Dave Wise Mar 15 '12 at 18:18
Same calendar after each click – MyName Mar 15 '12 at 18:22
except the month is different – MyName Mar 15 '12 at 18:34
Blast... I just reread this whole post. I bet the root of the problem is that your DataBind() is in _load and is probably firing every time the page posts back, which resets all internal calendar data every page load. Try wrapping your DataBind() command in a if (!Page.IsPostBack) {} block – Dave Wise Mar 15 '12 at 19:14
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had to set the SPCalendarView's V4Rendering property to false to get it working (EnableV4Rendering="false"). Of course this isn't the best solution as this removes some functionality added onto the Calendar from SharePoint 2007.

Other things I have come across in my research was that this is definitely a VisualWebPart issue in particular the UserControl. I will edit this answer with the link.

A solution offered by others is updating the SharePoint server with the December2011 cumulative update. I will try that tomorrow, but for now that is the temporary solution.

&& Yes the HotFix I applied fixed it, here is the link:

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