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We are looking to see if we can leverage a WIKI to advertise sections of our governance plan to the end user community. Right now with a WIKI we get the option to add web parts to the bottom of the layout. The desired design would be to design a layout that would have a right column that would be a zone of other Web Parts. For instance, a LVWP that would contain contacts and/or FAQS, an image web part etc. We just want more flexibility with layout. I am thinking we could add zones with Designer etc but wanted to see if there was something more obvious.



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I'd say if you're using a Wiki site then I'd create a new master page and be done with it.

If you've just got a wiki library on an existing site, it looks like you might be able to get what you want by creating a template for the wiki and adding in the webpart zones. You can find this in SPD by accessing the properties of the wiki library.

Cheers Mike

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I Know it's not really helpful to you now, but SharePoint 2010 has a really neat button on the ribbon that lets you change the page layout to one of the following:

-One Column
-One column with right sidebar
-Two Columns
-Two Columns with header
-Two Columns with header and footer
-Three columns
-three with header
-three with header and footer.

But as Mike H said, if SharePoint 07 it's into SPD you must go!

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