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I have a Tasks list with versioning enabled. Each task goes through several states (Not Started, In Progress, Completed).

Is there an easy way to display for a given task its timeline? For example I'd like to see in a single table all the task changes:

Modified   |   State     |
03/05/2012 | Not Started |
03/06/2012 | In Progress |
03/12/2012 | Completed   |
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You can accomplish this using object model in custom web part. Versioned data can be accessed using SPListItemVersionCollection class. You can get to know how its used to get versions of each list item on msdn.

Retrieving the Status column and the Modified column in a tabular format would bring you the desired result.

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I accepted Deepu's answer, but in my case a custom Web Part was not an option.

My workaround was to use a workflow to:

  • either copy the state field to a comments field with append changes enabled
  • or copy the task to another list to create a log list

Apparently Web services are not an option, there is no service to retrieve list item versions.

[Update] it seems that there's actually a way to retrieve version history of list items. Here is a link to SPServices that explains it:

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Thats another way of doing it. Thanks for the post Chris. – Deepu Nair Mar 15 '12 at 3:41

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