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Is it possible to modify display texts for 'Show to' drop-downs in user profile editing page of mysite? If yes - where should I look?

show to drop-down

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The 5 privacy levels cannot be changed, added to, or removed. THe enumeration is static. The best you can hope for it to just change the labels as Alex shows above.

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Here's a working project I've created for you: I suggest to use JQuery for this task. The main part of the solution:

function ReplaceSelectOptionsTitles() {
    $("select[title='Show To'] option[value='16']").text('choice 1');
    $("select[title='Show To'] option[value='8']").text('choice 2');
    $("select[title='Show To'] option[value='4']").text('choice 3');
    $("select[title='Show To'] option[value='2']").text('choice 4');
    $("select[title='Show To'] option[value='1']").text('choice 5');


If you will use my solution you need to install the solution packet on the server and activate the feature on the profile web.

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