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I have an image that is located at the root Style Library site. I want to put that image in the MasterPage. Using SharePoint Designer, I get this reference background-image:url('../../../../Style Library/banner/Middle.png');The link is working fine for the root site and its sub-sites. But as soon as I open a site in the sub-site, the image is not displaying anymore. I;m using SharePoint 2010 Foundation. how do I fix this.


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If the users has access to the root site, use the root relative site url. If the root site is located under the "slash" (like http://intranet/ or, so you can refer to the image directly using slash in front of the url, called root-relative url

background-image:url('/Style Library/banner/Middle.png');
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Thanks!, it worked. Could you please explain a bit more why it worked, I'm not that good with css. – Agamand The True Mar 11 '12 at 10:19
It is not the matter of CSS (neither of SharePoint). You can use absolute urls ('http://contoso/Style Library/banner/Middle.png'), or relative ('../../../Style Library/banner/Middle.png') or "root-relative": ('/Style Library/banner/Middle.png'). See a simple intro these three url types – Anatoly Mironov Mar 11 '12 at 21:09

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