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How to validate MOSS Installation.. One of my colleague is asking for above. Having MOSS application development experience I understand validation should be requirement specific. And also on where and how I am using it?

I know it's enough to have central administration in place to validate at least it is installed.

Still I am asking; what are the other key things I need to check in general scenario. Which may remain unnoticed in certain situation, but still may be a key factor for a problem.

Thanks in Advance Rajdip

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I asked similar question here in the context of a restore:

SharePoint is so dynamic in nature that you will have to create a checklist that reflects your own architecture. I would start by inspecting the server logs - one of the more common issues is not having the required security accounts in place prior to installation. Also, I believe that there is a tool to check for problems with the 2010 release.

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Thanks IrishChieftain. Even if issue is with MOSS 2007; I will have a look in the tool you mentioned. – Rajdip Feb 5 '10 at 3:38

That's quite a big question without knowing anything about your environment.

Some key points are: - Service accounts. How many are you using? - SSP - is it configured? - Search - is it working? How is it distributed (index, query, crawler). - Profiles - are they being pulled from AD?

As for usage. SharePoint can get out of control, so a good governance plan is essential. - Site collections v sites - Security - Content Ownership

Sorry, this is a litle rushed, but hope it helps you.

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Thanks Donaldinio.. It helps as you validated what I said to my colleague :) I asked him to come up with a specific requirement. – Rajdip Feb 5 '10 at 3:33

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