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I used the SharePoint 2010 Easy Setup Script to setup my Windows 7 machine for Sharepoint Development. However, I don't want the Sharepoint services hogging up CPU in the background when I'm doing other things and not actively developing for Sharepoint. How can I turn Sharepoint services on and off when I need them?

e.g. I don't want Sharepoint services starting up when I'm booting up Windows 7 - I'd rather only turn it all on when I'm actually ready to do sharepoint development etc

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Here's the scripts for quickly stop and start SharePoint 2010 instance. The stops all the SharePoint windows services as well as the SQL Server instance. and the update

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Stuart, I will consider it in the future but in that particular case the articles linked provides the requested solution and I can't add something useful myself to the subject discussed. All I can do is to explain shortly what they give. I'll do the update. – Alex Boev Mar 5 '12 at 13:05

I use SharePoint 2010 Service Manager to stop and start the SharePoint services:

CodePlex: SharePoint 2010 Service Manager

There's even a button at the bottom to prevent SharePoint from starting on boot.

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