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in SharePoint 2007 I want to create custom views on survey lists without usung sharepoint designer or sharepoint server.

is it possible?

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I believe you can using OOB functionality:… This should work on Moss 2007 as well – Manu Apr 13 '15 at 12:15

you can programmatically render the answer form of the survey as the survey is actually a web part and the columns are questions, so it just need to write a code to iterate all columns "only columns that can be sorted because these columns are the questions columns only"

check this post

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Yes, you can create custom views through browser with out using SharePoint Designer. Please follow below steps.

Select any Survey list-->Survey Settings


Edit URL with viewtype in place of Survedit


Now you are able to see all types view and you can create views based filters,sorting, grouping etc like custom/issue tracking list.

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I don't know what you certainly mean but if you mean you want to do this by code this is as usual possible to do.

A good start is maybe to look over here:

Programmatically create views

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It is possible to create a custom view in 2007 without using code. It's just a bit tricky cause you need to understand how to manipulate the SharePoint URL.

Here are two links I find which shows you how to do this:

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You can use the SharePoint Designer. Open list, select View and edit. In the ViewField section you can add the internal names of the fields.

<ViewFields><FieldRef Name="DisplayResponse"/> ... more fields ... </ViewFields>
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