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On one of the site collections, when saving a list as list template the "Include Content" checkbox is disabled (greyout). This issue occurs for all lists under all sites. Is this a security feature or is there specific templates that can't include content when saving a list as a list template. I did very that there was no orphan references on the list.

Please help.


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It is possible that this has been disabled in the List Template if this is a custom list or an Issues List. – theChrisKent Mar 4 '12 at 20:10
Does this issue only occur for custom list templates? So far I cannot reproduce this issue with all OOTB SharePoint lists... – Brandon Michael Hunter Mar 4 '12 at 20:17
I was able to reproduce the issue with developing a custom list template; Inside of the elements file (Not the elements.xml file for the list definition) under the ListTemplate element I include the DontSaveInTemplate attribute and the set value to True. After deployment, navigated to the list save as template page and verifyed that the include content checkbox is disabled. – Brandon Michael Hunter Mar 4 '12 at 20:45
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Based on Microsoft.SharePoint.ApplicationPages.SaveAsTemplatePage, the Include Content checkbox is disabled for the following reasons:

For Lists:

  1. SPList.ExcludeFromTemplate is true
  2. Number of items exceeds the maximum threshold for the Web application


if (this.m_ListSel.ExcludeFromTemplate || this.m_ListSel.IsThrottled && !contextWeb.Site.WebApplication.CurrentUserIgnoreThrottle())
  this.CbSaveData.Checked = false;
  this.CbSaveData.Enabled = false;

For Sites:

  1. The site is a Meeting Workspace
  2. The site is a Wiki


bool flag = SPMeeting.IsMeetingWorkspaceWeb(contextWeb) || contextWeb.WebTemplateId == 4;
if (flag)
  this.CbSaveData.Checked = false;
  this.CbSaveData.Enabled = false;
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Y es, I knew about the E xclude F rom T emplate property and that the M eeting workspace and W iki site templates. I I didn't know about the threhold limit. – Brandon Michael Hunter Mar 12 '12 at 15:55

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