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I have a custom page that I access through myspaddress/_layouts/folder/default.aspx.

Great. Awesome. However, lately it's showing a runtime error.

All I can get though is the standard "Server Error in '/' Application." page. I've tried turning off custom errors in the web.config in my solution, in the LAYOUTS folder, and in a desperate attempt - every web config I have in IIS. ALAS... still no luck.

If anyone knows the secret to getting the underlying error to display instead of the friendly page, I'd be much obliged!

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I missed the LAYOUTS/ADMIN web.config. Changed that and reset IIS... and I'm golden! – withoutIf Mar 2 '12 at 16:47
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There is a web.config in Layouts folder. Turn off errors in that file.


Or you can also turn on developer dashboard which will also show you the stack trace information.

$service = [Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.SPWebService]::ContentService
$addsetting =$service.DeveloperDashboardSettings
#Use On Off or OnDemand
$addsetting.DisplayLevel = [Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.SPDeveloperDashboardLevel]::On
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