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I need to detect if a content deployment between two different sharepoint 2010 farms is finished. Is there a way to achieve this programmatically? I've been looking around for some days now but without success.

Are there any Event-Handlers or CustomActions I can use? At the moment I'm building my own deployment job using SPImportand SPExportbut that seems many overhead for me. All I need to do is to execute a simple function when the content deployment is finished.

Thank you very much! LMW

P.S. I'm using Sharepoint2010 and VS2010/C#

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You have to check the ContentDeploymentJobStatus until it returns "Success". You can use code like below.

ContentDeploymentJobCollection cdJobCollection = ContentDeploymentJob.GetAllJobs();

                                   foreach (ContentDeploymentJob job in definitionCollection)
                                       if (job.Name.StartsWith(strYourJobName.ToLower()) && job.LastStatus==ContentDeploymentJobStatus.Success)
                                       return true;
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What you can do is to send the success / error email to an email enabled SharePoint list. In that list you'll have a receiver on item added that can execute some code on the site collection / web app / farm ... depending on the elevation / work to be executed.

You could also do a little bit of screenscrapping on the central administration dashboards but that it's even clumsier than the first suggested solution.


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