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I have serverals problems to create a dynamic form with InfoPath. Here is how my Sharepoint lists looks like :

Places Table :

City | Adress | Phone number | ...

Ressources Tables :

City | Ressources Type | Capacity | ...

The column "City" of the Ressources Table get its choice from the "City" column of the Places Table.

First problem : When I create a listbox which get its data from the column City of the Ressources Table, I get only numbers as choices in the listbox, corresponding to the Id of each City I suppose... How can I get the name of the city from this table ?

Second problem : I have a second Listbox to choose the kind of ressource, and it depends on the chosen city. How can I populate this second Listbox dynamically when I change the city in the first listbox ?

Thank you with advance and sorry for my poor English.

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I find a great way to bypass my two problems here :

My problem was that I filled my listboxes with rules on the parent listbox. And the great way is to fill listboxes with an external connection and apply a filter directly here.

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