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I have created a WorkFlow to create a document populating it with data from a list. I now need a powershell script that can copy the file in the document library to a file share on our server.

I am new to using powershell in SharePoint, is this possible with a script?

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yes it is possible – Sebastien Stettler Mar 1 '12 at 12:18
@SebastienStettler I did find a post on this site… It included a script which I have altered which copies files however how would I change it to only fetch a single file? – Jonathan F Mar 1 '12 at 13:33

You can use this method.

$fileUrl = url for file on sharepoint

$destinationfolder = destinationFolder

function ProcessURL {
    $file = $web.GetFile($fileUrl)
        $destinationfolder = $destination + "/" + $folder.Url 
        if (!(Test-Path -path $destinationfolder))
            $dest = New-Item $destinationfolder -type directory 
        #Download file
        $binary = $file.OpenBinary()
        $stream = New-Object System.IO.FileStream($destinationfolder + "/" + $file.Name), Create
        $writer = New-Object System.IO.BinaryWriter($stream)
        #Delete file by deleting parent SPListItem
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