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It is possible to get sorting on Managed metadata column? I get grouping and filtering on the columns working but not sorting.

Any help is appreciated

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By default this will not work. So you have to extend content query webpart and use in CreateChildControls you have to add following two lines:

this.ProcessDataDelegate = new ProcessData(ProcessItems);

next is to implement ProcessItems

protected DataTable ProcessItems(DataTable dt)
            //Code to add custom sorting logic goes here.
            DataView dv = new DataView(dt);
            dv.Sort = "BusinessUnit ASC, Title ASC";
            return CreateTable(dv);

CreateTable(dv) is a function that convert DataView to DataTable.

public static DataTable CreateTable(DataView obDataView)
            if (null == obDataView)
                throw new ArgumentNullException
                ("DataView", "Invalid DataView object specified");

            DataTable obNewDt = obDataView.Table.Clone();
            int idx = 0;
            string[] strColNames = new string[obNewDt.Columns.Count];
            foreach (DataColumn col in obNewDt.Columns)
                strColNames[idx++] = col.ColumnName;

            IEnumerator viewEnumerator = obDataView.GetEnumerator();
            while (viewEnumerator.MoveNext())
                DataRowView drv = (DataRowView)viewEnumerator.Current;
                DataRow dr = obNewDt.NewRow();
                    foreach (string strName in strColNames)
                        dr[strName] = drv[strName];
                catch (Exception ex)

            return obNewDt;

Well that's it, you are done.

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