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Our company wishes to keep an updated SharePoint List of our current customers for use in a InfoPath form.

Our ERP system is capable of exporting this on a timer job to a certain location (i.e. a disk drive) in the form of a .csv file.

My question is in regards on how to set up our SharePoint list, to automatically update itslef from this .csv file.

We would want something like a daily or weekly update during non-business hours.

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You could also use a PowerShell script and Windows Task Scheduler to automate the import. Should be easier than a timerjob and faster to implement.

I wrote a similar script here:

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You are going to need to do some custom development to automate this and I would probably go the route of a custom timer job. Custom timer jobs are scheduled jobs that execute custom code. So you could write a job that reads the CSV files and updates the SharePoint items accordingly using the SharePoint API.

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