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I'm trying to add a search for a list of user manuals.

I was following this link's instructions

And I have the scope set up as,

Scope Rule Type:    Web Address
Web Address:        Folder: https://siteurl/Lists/User%20Manuals/
Behavior:           Require

But after the server does it's scope refresh, I get an item count of 0 and a total count of 0. Also, when I test the search, nothing is returned.

I can't look at crawl logs because this is through SharePoint Online and I don't have access to the Central Administration.

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I would try the address without %20, so with "https://siteurl/Lists/User Manuals/"

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I tried that with no luck. I also made another generic list called test and created a new scope set up to look in the folder "siteurl/Lists/test"; and that's not giving me anything either. – ThatGuyYouKnow Feb 24 '12 at 20:40
Actually, it looks like it was just an environment issue. I tried the scope in our production environment and everything worked! – ThatGuyYouKnow Feb 29 '12 at 16:44

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