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I am looking for SharePoint 2010 Meeting room Reservation Calendar or something similar to it. There are lot of stuff but I am looking specifically with SP2010.

I really appreciate your response.


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Out of the box, using group calendar.

3rd party product Room Manager is at least one, based on quick search.

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Another solution The video is about SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2010 version is the same.

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just found another solution for meeting room reservation

If you schedule a meeting in the SharePoint calendar and select one of the meeting rooms or any equipment, a meeting request will be send to the associated Exchange mailbox.

If the resource mailbox is configured correctly and the room or the equipment is free, it will be booked automatically and send an acceptance back to the SharePoint calendar. If it is already booked, it will decline the meeting request. The reply status is visible directly in the SharePoint event.

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