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We currently provide an email signature creator that employees can either use or not. The form asks users to enter information that we have in Active Directory. So, I was wondering if somebody can tell me how to create a page that prepopulates the info from AD into the form. Or, what I need to google for that might explain what it takes to implement this.


Yeah, I am extremely new to SharePoint.

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Once you have synchronized the AD content to SharePoint you can easily create signature templates in SharePoint based on the info on the individuals User Profile. Create a new page and code it to use the current users User Profile information formated according to the corporate standard.

Start here:

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I believe you're looking at DirectorySearcher that you can use to get user profile from AD as well as user profile properties.


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Your question asks how to add a page like Person.aspx. If you wanted the signature template form to be a tab within the MySites/User Profile, then I have a blog post that explains how to add a tab to the standard navigation as well as a base Application Page that can be used to host the content.

You can find the full article and source code here:

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