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Are there any advantages in creating content type using out of box vs visual studios?

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I'm assuming that by "out of the box" you mean creating them in the User Interface.

Advantages of Visual Studio

  • Easy way to deploy identical content types across multiple farms
  • Internal Content Type ID is the same for every deployment
  • Direct control over every property/value used in creation of the content type

Disadvantages of Visual Studio

  • Process is a bit more complex
  • Requires a developer to make the change
  • Requires a server admin to deploy the change

Advantages of the User Interface

  • No deployment required so it does not require a server admin
  • Changes can be made easily and quickly

Disadvantage of User Interface

  • A typo made in a name when creating the type basically breaks the type as it creates a field with the wrong internal name and that cannot be changed from the UI
  • Content type and all changes must be done manually and identically in all environments
  • Unable to specifically set many internal key fields (i.e. ContentTypeID)
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