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I'm beginning to customize a SharePoint blog and noticed that a bulk of customization (at least in terms of web parts) can be done through linked XSLT files but I'm struggling on finding resources or documentation on them.

I lucked out being able to find which template ID controls the individual blog post, but what about the comments, or the post listing? Are there any books/sites that go indepth on the included XSLT files from the SharePoint directory? I'd like to learn things like what is ok to take out and how to grab associated lists and things of that nature that I haven't been able to yet.

Any books/sites would be helpful, and I'll put up anything here I find as well. Thanks.

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If you take a look at the internal names of the blog posts (which really is a type of list), you can then use those to construct your own xslt file which you can then attach to the blog posts web part.

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