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I've got a "Managed Metadata" column on a document library (required field). When I've added a document, I need to get te level of the selected term in my term store. I'm using a eventreceiver. I know how to get the value of the selected term, but not how to get the level...


  • TermSetName --> level 0
    -- Term1 --> level 1
    -- Term2 --> level 1
    --- Term2.1 --> level 2
    --- Term2.2 --> level 2
    --- Term2.3 --> level 2
    -- Term3 --> level 1

So when I select Term2.2, I want to get the level: 2
Anyone knows how to do this?

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Can you help how can you get the value of selected term, and set it in textfield. thanks, – Aissam Apr 4 '14 at 17:09
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If you have got hold of Term object, you can call its GetPath method to get a list of its ancestor separated by semi column(;). You can then split and find the index of last item in the split array. Check GetPath method here:

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