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I have to open a custom dialog box on click of menuitemtemplate.

I tried:

menuitemtemplate.ClientOnClickNavigateUrl ="javascript:sp.ui.modaldialog.showmodaldialog({url:'http:/sharedev/sitecreate.aspx'width:200px })"

But it shows only as a simple page, not as a popup dialog.

What should I do?

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when you say it shows as a simple page you mean it is basically redirecting the browser to that page ? – Sebastien Stettler Feb 20 '12 at 6:42

JavaScript is case sensitive, and you're also missing a comma in the options. This should work better:

menuitemtemplate.ClientOnClickNavigateUrl ="javascript:SP.UI.ModalDialog.showModalDialog({url:'http:/sharedev/sitecreate.aspx', width:200px });";
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Use the ClientOnClickScript property instead of ClientOnClickNavigateUrl

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The best way is to use :

<SharePoint:MenuItemTemplate ID="MenuItem_OpenPopUpPage" runat="server" Sequence="1"
 Text="Open Modal Dialog"
 ClientOnClickScript="OpenPopUpPageWithTitle('/SitePages/Page.aspx', RefreshOnDialogClose, null, null,'PopUp Title')" />
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