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I've heard that InfoPath 2010 does not support Managed MetaData. Is this still true ? Does anyone have a workaround for this ? Like using webservices to use the Managed Metadata ?

Cheers, Andre

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It is true that InfoPath 2010 does not support Managed MetaData controls, such as the Managed MetaData Picker.

A workaround is proposed here:

Scroll down and look at Jinchun Chen's answer. I haven't tested it myself but it sounds like a good workaround.

Another solution widely discussed is to create a custom web service using the Taxonomy API which can read Managed MetaData. The web service is just a wrapper around the Taxonomy web service which parses the XML string and returns it in a format which can be bound to InfoPath control.

Cheers, Björn

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Hi Björn, as stated I was also thinking about using the webservices. Thanks for the link to Chen's answer. Cheers, André – Dre Feb 17 '12 at 9:51

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