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We are creating tasks in a workflow but we cannot find a way of setting the due date in the same workflow. We resorted to adding a workflow to the task list that adds the due date on item creation.

Is there better way of doing this? We need the due date to be 2 days from the time of task creation.

Just to be clear, my problem isn't using calculated fields to set the Due Date (I have a workflow on the Task List to do this). I want to be able to set the Due Date in the same workflow that creates the task.

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Go to your Tasks List and go into the List Settings. Click on the Due Dat column and tick the Calculated radio button. In the formula, put [Today]+2 and click OK. Go back to the list and select New and you'll see the Due Date is 2 days in the future.

If you need to do this within the workflow, you'd use an Add Time to Date action, setting it up to add 2 days to the Current Item created by field. Then, you'd use an Update item action to update the Due Date field to the date variable the Add Time to Date action output.

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I'm not sure I understand. I don't want all tasks to have this due date, just the ones created by this specific workflow. –  ilitirit Feb 15 '12 at 14:26
edited answer to include steps to do it in SPD. –  PirateEric Feb 15 '12 at 14:38

You can use calculation field

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