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I've got a display form for a list in Sharepoint 2010. I've added a second list which is related and added a section to my form using "Related Item View" in Sharepoint Designer.

Since the related item includes a date and a selection I have no need of the default "title" column which I have hidden and want to remove from the form too.

At the moment I have:

          <FieldRef Name="LinkTitle"/>
          <FieldRef Name="Date"/>
          <FieldRef Name="Action"/>

The problem is that it is the title which has the link (I guess as "linktitle" that makes sense) which allows the user to select/open/edit. Is there a way to make another column the "clickable" link, or do I have to write my own javascript to handle this?

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You can specify needed field in your conten type like this:

    <Field ID="xxxx" Type="xxxx"
        DisplayName ="xxxx"
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Thanks! The change I made was just to give: <FieldRef Name="Action" LinkToItem="True"/> and that seemed to work. –  Dave Alger Feb 15 '12 at 12:16

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