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Is there a way to remove the bread crumb navigation in SharePoint 2010? Basically I don't want to see the site and subsite titles next to the logo that keep growing across the top portion of the page.

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You can remove the breadcrumb control from the master page. If you want to do it for just few pages, override the content placeholder from master in which breadcrumb resides.

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To remove both site and subsite titles next to the logo, use this style.

    display: none;

Or with jQuery

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Using the following CSS worked for me without a problem:

.s4-titletext h2,
    display: none;
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Best way to do is create a custom master page with as follow:

  1. Create a new project

  2. Configure as a Sandbox Solution

  3. Add a new Module to your project

  4. Download a copy of Seattle.master

  5. Add the copy to your module, rename to CustomMaster.master, and Change your elements.xml file to point to _catalogs\masterpage folder

  6. Search for "ms-breadcrumb-dropdownBox", you will go to this line :

    add style="display:none;" so the tag will become

  7. now search for "ms-breadcrumb-dropdownBox" and the line after -

  8. save the file -> build -> deply

  9. in site settings change your master page as newly deployed master page and you will not see the breadcrumb

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