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I'm trying to programmatically configure the out of the box Approval workflow on a document library using the following code:

SPWorkflowTemplate workflowTemplate = web.WorkflowTemplates.GetTemplateByName(workflowName,
SPWorkflowAssociation workflowAssociation =
    SPWorkflowAssociation.CreateListAssociation(workflowTemplate, workflowAssocName, workflowWorkList, workflowLogList);

workflowAssociation.AllowAsyncManualStart = false;
workflowAssociation.AllowManual = false;
var associationDataXml = XElement.Parse(workflowAssociation.AssociationData);
workflowAssociation.AssociationData = GetAssociationData(web, associationDataXml);

workflowAssociation.Enabled = true;

documentLibrary.DefaultContentApprovalWorkflowId = workflowAssociation.Id;

I believe that the GetAssociationData() method returns the correct XML. I have compared the output from the function with the XML set by configuring the workflow manually (using powershell/sharepoint manager). The XML generated GetAssociationData() is actually saved in AssociationData and I can access it after the code have run, there are no exceptions thrown in the code above.

Example of XML:

<!-- generated xml, comment added manually -->
<dfs:myFields xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:dms="" xmlns:dfs="" xmlns:q="" xmlns:d="" xmlns:ma="" xmlns:pc="" xmlns:xsi="">
                    <d:Stage xsi:nil="true" />
            <d:NotificationMessage />
            <d:DueDateforAllTasks xsi:nil="true" />
            <d:DurationforSerialTasks xsi:nil="true" />
            <d:CC />


My problem is that SP-GROUP does not show up in the gui when starting the workflow. Any ideas? Do I have to update the workflow in some way after altering AssociationData? The groups I'm using exists and are working.

Image summary:

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You need to update the workflow:

// Update Workflow Association Data
wfAssociation.AssociationData = data;
wfAssociation.Enabled = true;

// Update Workflow Association

I wrote a blogpost about this topic with a possible solution, maybe it could be handy:

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I found the error, the code was working but I had a tiny error in the XML. That's those hours wasted.. – Vegard Feb 10 '12 at 14:04
To avoid such errors you can set up approvers through UI and then grab generated xml using sharepoint manager. – Kai Feb 10 '12 at 19:25

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