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I am evaluating products for my company in order to meet requirements for a digital asset management system. We plan on making this management system a central location for any and all types of digital assets that we create and distribute (logos, design assets) in various formats (jpeg, eps, psd, pdf, swf, etc).

We've come upon Sharepoint as a viable option, as we are currently a Windows shop. However, I'm not very familiar with Sharepoint and its features, and I'm not sure whether it will be an out-of-the-box solution for us.

I would like some input from some more experienced people about this. We have specific requirements:

  • We want out assets to be taggable. Our solution should support user-defined metadata.
  • We want our assets to be searchable, via tag, filename, common name, etc. Indexing would be great. The option to index across existing servers would be awesome.
  • We would like to have an audit trail of sorts for any changes made - who uploaded, who made a change. (We don't really need to know who checked something out.)
  • If possible, we'd like to have a versioning system to see a change history.
  • We need support for approximately 75 to 100 users - some local, some remote. However, we hope to grow this number if the solution is successful.
  • We plan on supporting approximately 25,000 files. This number will also grow with time.

I understand that some of these requirements are hardware-based, such as storage space and whatnot. I would like to know whether Sharepoint can do these things out of the box; if they can't, I'd like to get some guidance on any plugins or templates that we can use to enhance the base product. Additionally, I'm not too familiar with Microsoft's licensing, but if anyone has information about that, that would be great as well.

In advance, I appreciate your answers and input. I'm willing to do the legwork if this is a viable solution, but I'm not really sure where to start. I'd like to be pointed in the right direction before I pull the trigger on this (and if Sharepoint isn't the way to go, I'd like to know in advance). Thank you!

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Sorry, I know you've spent a lot of time on this question but I don't think you will get a good answer in its current state. Aside from the spam (deleted), we encourage users to ask questions that can be definitively answered. In your case, maybe we could break this up into separate questions? For example: "Can you tag items using SharePoint?" Otherwise, you may want to try a discussion on the msdn forums or hire a consultant to help recommend a solution tailored to you. – Kit Menke Feb 10 '12 at 19:39