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How can i set the value of sharepoint form field dropdown box(lookupfield) in sharepoint list form when the form gets saved (using jquery) note: the lookupfield (dropdown formfield renders as input if it contains values more than 20)

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I just implemented such a solution a couple of weeks ago

Here is a very good post that will explain all.

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So I have a field called "Data Classification":

var dataClsField = $('select[title="Data Classification"]');

I was trying to set this field with the value of another dropdown called "DataClass" that I got using this code:

var clsFieldValue = $('select[id*="DataClass"] option:selected').val();

For some crazy reason, I had to do both of these options to get my first field to set right:

dataClsField.find('option[value="'+clsFieldValue+'"]').prop('selected', true);

Note: This was with 2 dropdowns with less than 20 items in each. I believe the only difference, jQuery-wise, when it goes over that, is that "select" becomes "input" on your selector.

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