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I've created primitive reusable workflow (with the only action log to history list) using SPD 2010. Under option Pick a base content type to limit this workflow to I leave All content types.
After creating I pressed Save As Template SPD ribbon button to save my workflow as .wsp in site assets library. Next I downloaded this wsp and deploy it to my farm. Next I went to another site collection and activate workflow feature - name sounds something like Workflow template <name> from web template <name>. All ok at this stage.

But when I was trying to associate this workflow to a custom list, in the list of available workflows my template is not presented. But feature activated successfully, I can open this site in SPD and see my workflow under Workflows option.

But why I can't see my imported workflow in the Add Workflow page of a list? I was trying to associate workflow with list through SPD, but got Null reference exception

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2 Answers

maybe the feature is not activated in the site level and only activated in the site collection level

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Try a common base content type like Document and re-deploy the wsp to see if this works on a Document Library and if this removes the Null Reference Exception

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