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I want to be able to have users navigate to my site without being redirected to the aspx page representing the "Home Page".

Right now my home page is set to Home.aspx so when a user requests they get redirected to

Effectively, I would like to set my home page to /. When the user requests the actual file served would be Home.aspx but the url would still be

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This sounds like a URL rewrite rule.

@Waldek Mastykarz has a pretty nice blog post about this:

From /Press-Releases/Pages/Press-Release.aspx to /Press-Releases/Press-Release – make friendly URL’s for your SharePoint site in 4 steps with IIS7 URL Rewrite module

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Thanks - just what I was looking for. – Ethan Cabiac Feb 2 '12 at 21:32

If you turn on the Publishing features in the site (assuming your running Enterprise) you'll get a link in Site Settings called Welcome Page. Here you can set Home.aspx as your default home page and when users enter they'll be sent to automatically.

Or am I missing something with what you're asking?

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this is what it is currently doing. I don't want the user "sent" to Home.aspx, I want SharePoint to serve Home.aspx under the root / url. I have made corresponding edits to the question. Thanks. – Ethan Cabiac Feb 2 '12 at 18:38

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