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How would I be able to create a list field in VS that would be a lookup to select columns from any list?

I would preferably like to have something like the PickerTreeView.aspx, but instead of selecting lists select the lists' columns. Note that I don't want the column's value, I want the actual column.

Would this have to be done with a custom column and by editing my list's forms? (Edit/New)

I'm assuming something like this: would be helpful to create the tree view.

Any help is much appreciated.


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How I would approach this is the following:

  1. Create a custom field type This includes an xml definition and a class inheriting from SPField. Your field type would handling storing some sort of representation of the column as a string (Maybe ListName;ColumnName) and then resolving that representation to the actual list and column.

  2. Create a custom field control for you custom field type This is a class that inherits from BaseFieldControl, and handles actually transforming your field data into something the user interacts with

  3. Create a custom rendering template This is the markup that works with your field control to actually render something out.

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