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I'm having an issue. I want to make a quick change to an aspx file that I recently deployed to a sharepoint server. Due to some circumstances, it is not worth the time to edit and recompile the project and redeploy.

The issue is that, i edit the aspx file in the templates\feature\mpcalendar folder (where mpcalendar is my project). the file name is mpcalendar.aspx

the aspx file has some javascript lines which i want to comment out.

i tried editing the file, but the sharepoint is not showing the changes. the file is edited and saved, but the sharepoint is loading the old file. if i just retract the solution, the files from that folder are gone and redeploy, the files appear again.

if i try to edit again after the deploy, it still does not reflect the change.

is it being cached somewhere? i could not find any other instance of this file "mpcalendar.asp" in the whole drive except here.. (templates\feature\mpcalendar\mpcalendar.aspx"

please help figure this out.

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This can happen if the file is Unghosted. What does your Elements.xml file look? If you don't set the Type attribute (in the <File> element) to Ghostable or GhostableInLibrary, the file will be Unghosted and therefore stored in the database and not at in the file system.

You can read more about Ghosting and Unghosting here:

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have you tried performing an iisreset?

Start - cmd - iisreset

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SharePoint does not read from templates\feature folder at runtime.
Find out which document library the file is being uploaded to during feature activation. You can get this from the Module element in the elements.xml file.
Then download the file from that document library, edit it and upload it again replacing the original with new version.

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