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From an answer from earlier post to get the first two lines in a rich textbox in sharepoint 2010 in a visual webpart i m using

var firstTwoLines = String.Join("\n", MyRichTextBox.Text.Split('\n').Take(2).ToArray());

..what if there is an image starting from the 2nd line..what condition should i use to check if there is an image present and then skip it?

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Do you need to skip only the image tag itself (<img ... />), or you need to skip the whole line which contains it? – Andrey Markeev Feb 1 '12 at 8:30
hi omlin, i would like to skip the imgae tag itself – spStacker Feb 1 '12 at 12:05
Ok, I added the answer, but can't resist mentioning that the question actually doesn't relate to SharePoint. Please, post pure C# questions like this to – Andrey Markeev Feb 1 '12 at 12:21

There may be a less manual way but you could split and then check each lines until you reach the number of lines you need.

        int linesInArray = 0;
        int linesNeeded = 2;
        string[] linesOfText = MyRichTextBox.Text.Split('\n');
        string[] parsedLines = new string[linesNeeded];

        for (int lineCount = 0; lineCount < linesOfText.Length || linesInArray == linesNeeded; lineCount++)
            //This is assuming rich text box images are html which I believe they are
            if (linesOfText[lineCount].Contains("<img"))
                parsedLines[linesInArray] = linesOfText[lineCount];

The code implementation itself is a little crude but you could see how you could adjust it to fit your needs and be of more "production quality."

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Just add the following line after your original code:

firstTwoLines = Regex.Replace(firstTwoLines, "<img.*?>", string.Empty);

(you will need to add using System.Text.RegularExpressions; to the top of the file)

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