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Why does SharePoint add the following to text entered into rich text fields of list items?

<div class="ExternalClass85AC900AB26A481DBDC8ADAE7A02F039"><p>....</p></div>

We've seen instances where we have two of these ExternalClass DIV tags wrapping content, even though we didn't add them. They cause the text to have weird, extra spacing on top and bottom, with the only solution for us being to go in and remove them from the HTML of the rich text field. We don't mind the P tags; but the unneeded DIVs are too much. And removing them doesn't affect the content in any way.

Anyone have a solution for this? Thanks.

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Use JQuery to remove the div/remove spacing from the div? –  Rawling Jan 30 '12 at 13:36
Thanks, Rawling. But that doesn't address the issue of why SP2010 adds the DIVs in the first place. –  Alex C Jan 31 '12 at 6:13
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Perhaps switching to alternate Rich Text Editor might be best option to get rid of these. At least RadEditor is one relatively common replacement. (I have no affiliation with RadEditor whatsoever).

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