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When using SP 2007 and needed to do a join i just write the tables to a sql table and then use sql to join the tables. What i really need to do is quite simple. I have a master list and another list that users insert records too lets say a child list. When a user opens up the master list and clicks on an item i insert a record including their usernames to the child list All i want to show the users(based on login names) is the items they haven't read and what items. In sql i could have done something like e.g

 Select * from master where not in(select from child where username ='blalal')

Any ideas.Not sure if to do it on the client or in the object model. Sure CAMl doesn't have joins

Thanks in advance

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SharePoint 2010 is supporting CAML joins. You can look for this example and msdn article: List Joins and Projections

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IAfanasov thanks for that great sample. Can i always adda where clause to that? – naijacoder Jan 30 '12 at 3:26

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