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Does anyone knows how to show a custom action in the ribbon for only one list? At this moment I've got multiple custom lists, but my button is added on all of them. I only want to show it on one particular list...

(I found a simular question, but there isn't a good solution for it)

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You can associate your custom action to a specific list by using the RegistrationId property.


<CustomAction ControlAssembly="MagicalProject.Actions" 
                Description="This is my custom action which does magical stuff" 
                RegistrationId="MyMagicalList" // Or whatever other identifier you have for your lists

UPDATE: It also applies for ContentTypes. So if you associate it with a contenttype, then all lists inheriting that specific contenttype will also get this custom action. In case you wanted to know how to put it on more than 1 list.

All it takes is changing RegistrationType from List to ContentType

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I've used as RegistrationId the Id from the list and than it worked perfectly. Thanks! – Ruben Herman Jan 26 '12 at 9:50
Wasn't the registration id used to specifiy a list ServerTemplate id? You can associate the custom action to a specific template (es: generic list, document libray, image library ecc), but I don't think you can use the registration id to specify a string name of a list. – SPArchaeologist Jan 26 '12 at 9:58
@SPArchaeologist According to MSDN you can. I think you might be thinking about RegistrationType. – Daniel Ziga Jan 26 '12 at 10:02
@Dandroid. From my experience, the registration id is used to specify a list template id (you must also set the parameter RegistrationType to "List"). That way you can for associate your action with every list of a set template - be it Survey (102), GenericList (100), PictureLibrary (109) ecc ecc. I am not aware if you could also use a list name/url/other in place of the template id - I will test this when I get some time, for now this is a nice thing to know (that would open new way to implement things). – SPArchaeologist Jan 26 '12 at 10:19
@JohnDoDo: One more thing. I'm not sure I fully understood your situation, but if you need to add your custom action to a specific Content Type you may try to change the registration type to ContentType and set the RegistrationID to the id of your CT. – SPArchaeologist Feb 3 '12 at 8:06

I've made some research on the subject of RegistrationId and RegistrationType according to declarative Ribbon customization. All my findings can be found here:

RegistrationType & RegistrationId in SharePoint 2010 declarative Ribbon customizations

As a short summary: You can use all four registration types to target some content for Ribbon customization.

And concerning your question: There's no direct option to specify single list instance by means of registrationid. But there's a workaround; you can create an unique content type for your specific list and use RegistrationType = ContentType to target it.

Another way you can go is the programmatic Ribbon customization.

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You can use EnabledScript parameter in CommandUIHandler, where you can put javascript code and check if specific page/list/view is loaded.


    function isEnable(){
      if(location.href.indexOf('AllItems.aspx') > 0){
        return true;
      return false;
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beautiful hack ! – devi Jul 22 '15 at 8:59
downvoted: WRONG answer - it still be in all lists (in disabled state) – dbardakov Apr 19 at 20:31
Why in all lists? You can easily specify to which list you register the action (see other posts)(sorry, I didn't mention this). But you cannot assign action to specify view of list. So my post gives you solution how to specify on which view/page will be the action visible. – Petr Špaček Apr 26 at 6:46

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